Cratedigger: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, "The Paul Butterfield Blues Band" | Popdose


My latest Cratedigger column for Popdose features the debut album from the Paul Butterfield Blues Band:

“Forget about the incredibly cool music within. It was the cover that got me. More than almost any other image or song, the cover of the debut album by Chicago’s
Paul Butterfield Blues Band made me want to be a musician. There are actually two photos on the front cover of the album. In the top photo, five really hip looking guys, guitarist Mike Bloomfield, harmonica player/lead vocalist Paul Butterfield, drummer Sam Lay, rhythm guitar player Elvin Bishop, and bassist Jerome Arnold are standing in front of a storefront which advertises, “Incense, Herbs, Oils.” Before joining Butterfield, Lay and Arnold were Howlin’ Wolf’s rhythm section. The only person missing from the photo shoot is organist Mark Naftalin. The band’s original debut album was scrapped, and re-recorded after Naftalin joined the band, which probably accounts for him being missing in the photo.”

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