Soul Serenade: David Ruffin, "Walk Away From Love" | Popdose


The latest entry in my Soul Serenade column for Popdose features the great David Ruffin with “Walk Away From Love.”

I have mixed feelings when it comes to telling people about some of the shows I’ve seen. After all, the Beatles in ‘64, Dylan in ‘65, and the Stones in ‘66 are pretty cool shows to have been to, and that’s just to name a few. On the other hand, it feels a little like bragging, and worst of all, it makes me just plain old. But I just love the sound of my own voice so much that I can’t help myself from spinning tales about the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth.”

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CD Review: Big Audio Dynamite, "This Is Big Audio Dynamite (Legacy Edition)" | Popdose


My review of the 25th anniversary Legacy reissue of This Is Big Audio Dynamite has been posted to Popdose:

“Big Audio Dynamite was born from the ashes of the Clash, something Mick (Jones) was never allowed to forget (hell, why should he!), and I was always aware of the shadow that the Clash cast over the band. It was against this backdrop that Big Audio Dynamite would try to make its mark. Mission impossible some would say… “
Don Letts

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Cratedigger: Joni Mitchell, "The Hissing of Summer Lawns" | Popdose


My latest Cratedigger column for Popdose looks back at Joni Mitchell’s classic album The Hissing of Summer Lawns.

Joni Mitchell is a long-time member of my personal pantheon. It’s a short list of artists who I revere not just for what they produce, but for the journey that informs their work, for their willingness to live on the edge artistically, and to blur the lines between genres. Miles Davis is another member. Picasso too. As I said, it’s short list.”

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